Bike and Pedestrian Planning

HeartLands Conservancy has completed or assisted in the completion of more than 21 Comprehensive Bicycle & Pedestrian Facility Plans, both in Missouri and Illinois. HeartLands Conservancy believes that communities with a well-rounded transportation infrastructure network offer a higher quality of life for their residents. The presence of a high-quality network of sidewalks and trails (in addition to safe on-street facilities) attracts new residents and businesses in addition to improving property values and overall community health.

These citizen-driven planning processes result in plan documents that aid the community in determining:

  • Existing Conditions, including resident survey information/data
  • Community-specific planned facilities, based on citizen input
  • Priorities for implementation
  • Estimates of cost for phased implementation
  • Identification of available funding sources
  • Identification of education and enforcement programs

Many of the completed plans are a result of a more than six-year working relationship with Trailnet (a bicycle and pedestrian advocacy organization based in St. Louis Missouri) and James Pona & Associates.

Open Houses

The first Open House for the Godfrey Pedestrian & Bicycle Master Plan was held on Wednesday, September 28th, 2016 from 5 - 7 pm at Godfrey Village Hall (6810 Godfrey Rd.)

Those who attended the Open House learned about the importance and value of having a Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan and about the population of the Village of Godfrey. Visual preference surveys allowed attendees to vote for the type of infrastructure they would like to see implemented in the Village. For walking, those who attended were most in favor of bold crosswalks marked with side-of-road Pedestrian crossing signs. They were in favor of ideas such as roundabouts and curb extensions to calm traffic. When it comes to biking, very few said they would be comfortable riding in a shared lane and would prefer some type of separation such as, bike lanes, paved shoulders, and multi-use trails.

Displays with maps asked people to mark specific barriers, destinations, and popular routes they would like to travel by foot or bike. The planning team and village staff listened to residents' concerns and desires regarding biking and walking and assisted residents in marking these ideas and locations on large aerial maps of the Village. You may view the displays from the open house here.

A second Open House will be help in Spring 2017 to review the routes and recommendations in the Draft Plan.

Completed Plans:

  • Festus-Crystal City, Missouri*
  • City of O’Fallon, Illinois*
  • City of Red Bud, Illinois*
  • Vinita Park, Missouri*
  • Sunset Hills, Missouri*
  • Bridgeton, Missouri*
  • New Haven, Missouri*
  • O’Fallon-Wentzville-Lake St. Louis, Missouri*
  • Cottleville, Missouri*
  • Bellefontaine Neighbors, Missouri*
  • Chesterfield, Missouri*
  • City of Edwardsville Parks, Open Space & Trails Plan (Edwardsville, Illinois)
  • Carlyle Lake Trail Plan (City of Carlyle, Illinois)
  • Brentwood-Clayton-Maplewood-Richmond Heights, Missouri*
  • Franklin County (MO)*
  • Union, Missouri*
  • Washington, Missouri*
  • Des Peres, Missouri*
  • Herculaneum, Missouri*
  • Saint Charles, Missouri *
  •  Calhoun County (IL)
  •  Village of Swansea, Illinois
  •  City of Waterloo, Illinois
  •  City of Columbia, IL
  •  Scott Air Force Base Commuter Study
  • Kaskaskia River Trail Phase I (Fayetteville, IL to New Atherns, IL)

* Completed as a part of a long-standing partnership with Trailnet.

Plans Under Development:

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