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Your donation makes our work possible.

Our work is made possible through your generosity.

There are four different ways we can direct your generous donation, Best Use, Mounds Initiative, Lots of Love, or Land Conservation.

Heartlands Conservancy Focused Projects

HeartLands Conservancy will allocate your donation to where it is needed most. Whether it is a natural area acquisition, an educational program, or other critical need, we will ensure your donation is used in the most effective way possible.

In all of North America, four archaeological complexes stand out as the greatest achievements in the ancient history of our continent – Poverty Point (Louisiana), Ohio Hopewell (Ohio), Chaco Canyon (New Mexico) and Cahokia Mounds.

The Lots of Love Initiative (LoL) will help stabilize and improve the appearance and quality of life in Metro East neighborhoods by transforming vacant lots and native plant habitat, rain gardens, pollinator meadows, and recreation spaces.

Our Conservation of Open Space program
has protected nearly 7,000 acres
of high quality natural areas,
farmland, and wetlands
since 2001