Ecological Evaluation

How do you know if a site is environmentally sensitive? What is the value of your community's current or planned environmental assets? We often don't think about the value of our ecological systems, but they offer tremendous balue. Whether it is wetlands benefiting water quality, tree cover improving air quality, parks and open space infiltrating storwater, or a prairie providing key habitat protection. Environment assets also offer a multitude of quality of life benefits. Increased property values from proximity to natural areas and open sapce, increases attraction for residents and prospective businesses, and increased tourism and visitors are just a small sampling of the economic benefts to your community. The size of ecological system can be as large as a woodland with hundreds of acres or a street tree in your front yard. Ecological systems of all sizes have value, and often the systems working in conjunction with one another offers the greatest benefit. HeartLands Conservancy staff has extensive experience in a wide variety of environmental topics and can play a valuable role in the site or community planning process. We can help you maximize your eco-assets and mitigate your eco-issues.

Your Donation Will Help.

Your support in our membership program matters. Funds generated through the membership program directly support staff in working with landowners in protecting farmland and natural areas, as well as providing outreach related to building greener communities, and reconnecting people to our lands and waters through our seasonal treks and workshops.