Land Acquisition

In some cases the sale of land from a landowner to a qualified land trust, community, or state or federal agency may make the most sense. This option is generally reserved to those properties that either contains special or rare natural resources, or is capable of providing significant ecosystem (stormwater management, water quality, etc.) or recreational (hiking, hunting, etc.) benefits back to the community or region.

HeartLands Conservancy is capable of working with landowners in structuring acquisition projects. This includes exploring a number of acquisition options, including sale at market value, bargain sale, installment sale, or sale with reserved life estate.

Sale at Market Value

Landowner receives fair market value for their property based on the determination of a certified appraisal.

Bargain Sale

Landowner sells the property to a qualified land trust at an amount below fair market value. The difference between the sales price and the appraised fair market value is considered a charitable donation. This charitable donation can often help to offset capital gains tax due to property appreciation over time.

Installment Sale

Landowner structures the sale of an entire property over a period of years by selling portions in successive years. This type of sale can help to spread out lax liability due to capital gains.

Sale with Reserved Life Estate

Landowner sells the property with an option to retain the right of life-time tenancy for yourself and/or your immediate family. The appraised value of the property may be impacted in this option.

Your Donation Will Help.

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