Land Conservation

The land around us gives us our homes, our communities, and the food we eat. It also gives us timeless beauty and inspiration: the golden tall grasses shimmering in the autumn sunlight, the rustle of the wind through the corn stalks, the magnificent iridescence of the wildflowers in the spring. But once the land is developed, these treasures that feed our senses and nourish our souls are gone forever. What will our children's lives be like when nature and agriculture are squeezed out of our communities?

Conservation Easements

The most common tool for conserving private land, a conservation easement is a legal agreement between a landowner and a land trust that permanently limits uses of the land in order to protect its conservation values.

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Land Acquisition

In some cases the sale of land from a landowner to a qualified land trust, community, or state or federal agency may make the most sense.

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Land Donation

Landowners may also wish to consider the donation of land to a qualified land trust, such as HeartLands Conservancy.

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State and Federal Programs

Numerous State, local and federal and federal programs

Your Donation Will Help.

Your support in our membership program matters. Funds generated through the membership program directly support staff in working with landowners in protecting farmland and natural areas, as well as providing outreach related to building greener communities, and reconnecting people to our lands and waters through our seasonal treks and workshops.