Land Stewardship

Over the past couple of decades, coinciding with society’s effort to “go global”, a very unfortunate result has occurred. Our waterways and natural areas now face significant threat from numerous invasive plant and animal species. These are species that have been taken from their natural environment, either intentionally or unintentionally, and transported to regions that do not contain the same pests, diseases, and competition that would normally keep them in check.

No longer can we simply “leave nature to its own”. HeartLands Conservancy encourages landowners to become knowledgeable in identifying and controlling these invasive species. There are many resources available to assist in your efforts.

  • Staff of HeartLands Conservancy will be glad to consult with you regarding steps that you might take in controlling invasive species on your property.
  • Periodically HeartLands Conservancy schedules invasive species removal days (educational workshops) within communities on public properties. Please contact us for information.
  • Taking Back Our Natural Areas is a localized landowner guide specific to the invasive plant species of Southwestern Illinois.
  • Southwestern Illinois Landowner’s Guide to Stream Protection and Preservation is a localized guide to maintaining riparian corridors.
  • Habitat workshops are scheduled periodically; look for upcoming events in Commonfields, our quarterly newsletter, as well as our Recent News section of this website.
  • Soil & Water Conservation District offices may have programs or additional information available to assist in your efforts.
    • Bond County SWCD: 618-664-0555
    • Clinton County SWCD: 618-526-7815
    • Madison County SWCD: 618-656-4710
    • Monroe County SWCD: 618-939-6181
    • Randolph County SWCD: 618-443-4382
    • St. Clair County SWCD: 618-235-2500
    • Washington County SWCD: 618-327-3078

Oftentimes it may be beneficial to hire a contractor to assess and control existing invasive species populations, as well as to develop a management plan and train the landowner in maintaining the natural area in the future. A listing of some of the contractors that are performing this type of work in southwestern Illinois follows.

Consulting Foresters:

  • Bill Calvert, Certified Forester
  • 14419 Rod & Gun Road
  • Breese, IL 62230
  • 618-526-4251
    Big Rivers Forestry
  • Bear L. Engbring
  • P.O. Box 135
  • Maeystown, IL 62256
  • cell 870-723-2743
    Long Forestry Consultation
  • Mike Long
  • 6130 Water Valley Road
  • Cobden, IL 62920
  • 618/893-2307; cell: 618/203-4248
    Forest Improvements
  • Chris Whittom
  • 6507 State Route 4
  • Steeleville, IL 6228
  • 618-443-3807; cell: 618-525-3030
    Rock Road Ecological LLC
  • Kevin Slaven
  • 7443 Moore Road
  • Sparta, IL 62286
  • 618-443-7725

Forestry Contractors

    Bundy Tree Farm
  • Shelby Bundy
  • 1242 Bethel Road
  • Odin, IL 62870
  • 618-775-8246
    Fries & Associates
  • Mike Fries
  • 9746 Concordia Church Road
  • Millstadt, IL 62261
  • 618-791-7640
  • Wayne Wildy
  • 7718 Wildy Road
  • New Athens, IL 62264
  • 618-475-2839; cell: 618-806-725

Stream Restoration

    Midwest Streams, Inc.
  • Shelby Bundy
  • Wayne Kinney
  • 6324 Wilson Road
  • Oakdale, IL 62268
  • 618-830-6318

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