Developing and supporting partnerships has historically been a critical component of our work. This trend is likely to continue, as shrinking state and federal budgets dictate that resources will be dedicated to those projects most likely to be successful and provide the greatest benefit. Well-defined and active partnerships generally provide this level of assuredness.

Three long-term partnerships supported by HeartLands Conservancy include:

Middle Mississippi River Partnership (MMRP):

The MMRP is a collaborative of 23 state and federal agencies and nonprofit partners that have a common goal of restoring and enhancing the natural resources of the river corridor from St. Louis, MO to Cairo, IL, a distance of 195 miles. Since 2000 partners have collectively added nearly 7,000 acres of public open space, while restoring thousands of acres of wetlands, bottomland forests and prairies.

Kaskaskia Watershed Association (KWA):

The KWA was created in an effort to better represent the most highly managed water system within the State of Illinois. With its north – south orientation the Kaskaskia River poses a diversity of unique issues. The goal of KWA is to develop, enhance and protect the ecological and social ecological values of the natural resource within the Kaskaskia River watershed. This involves understanding and addressing the following issues: erosion, siltation, recreation, fish & wildlife, flood damage reduction, water supply, industrial, navigation, economic development and eco-systems.

Your Donation Will Help.

Your support in our membership program matters. Funds generated through the membership program directly support staff in working with landowners in protecting farmland and natural areas, as well as providing outreach related to building greener communities, and reconnecting people to our lands and waters through our seasonal treks and workshops.