Strategic Priorities

Externally Focused

Conserving Land

Protecting our land resources: our rich farmland, distinctive natural areas and properties of vital importance and benefit to current and future generations, is essential to the quality of life in our region. Applying a comprehensive land conservation strategy, providing leadership in land stewardship and offering conservation tools for communities will focus and facilitate our efforts.

Building Greener Communities

Environmentally healthy communities are highly desirable from an economic, growth and well-being standpoint. We provide leadership in community planning and in the implementation of initiatives that improve the overall environmental health within our communities. We assist communities in addressing complex development issues by offering education and training, guidance on land use planning and ordinances, natural resource mapping and grant development and implementation.

Engaging Individuals and Communities

Fostering continued appreciation and care for our region's natural resources and engaging individuals and communities in our endeavors is paramount in our ability to successfully achieve our vision. We seek to engage our region with the land and waters around them in inspiring ways through developing educational programming, offering events and treks and establishing partnerships.

Internally Whole

Our Message

We seek to deliver compelling messages to communicate the breadth and scope of our work. Increased community awareness of the environmental and social impacts of our efforts will greatly contribute to future success.

Our Resources

We are strengthened through the diversification of our funding sources. We remain committed to a long-term goal of balanced funding between grants, foundation awards, community work, private and corporate giving, and membership.

Our People

We are able to fortify our organization by investing in our own capacity. We are committed to recruiting and retaining an engaged team of staff and Board of Directors to provide oversight, leadership and expertise. We will work together to further our vision for Southwestern Illinois.

Your Donation Will Help.

Your support in our membership program matters. Funds generated through the membership program directly support staff in working with landowners in protecting farmland and natural areas, as well as providing outreach related to building greener communities, and reconnecting people to our lands and waters through our seasonal treks and workshops.