Watershed Planning

Environmental assets and issues know no political boundaries. Sound environmental policies and practices are best analyzed and implemented at a watershed scale. The hydrology of an area influences many aspects of our region's natural, cultural and historical resources, from agriculture and food production to recreation and open space. HeartLands Conservancy has worked extensively in the Kaskaskia River Watershed to identify restoration projects of high importance, tackled the issue of future water supplies, and analyzed historical land use changes. The educational and real-world experience of the staff at HeartLands Conservancy can bring innovative planning tools to your doorstep with remarkable results. See what happens when you "follow the rain".

Your Donation Will Help.

Your support in our membership program matters. Funds generated through the membership program directly support staff in working with landowners in protecting farmland and natural areas, as well as providing outreach related to building greener communities, and reconnecting people to our lands and waters through our seasonal treks and workshops.